Our car bodywork repair service provides a convenient and cost effective way to repair all of those unsightly scuffs and scrapes to your paintwork.

This one’s a task that requires highest level of expertise and attention to detail. A minor scratch can simply lead to corrosion and rusting, causing you bigger trouble, hence the scratch needs to be taken care of delicately and precisely. At Fix Plus, we understand the nuances of body repair and provide the highest quality of services, to ensure a stress-free experience for you.

We use sanders and papers, and then use color, and top it off with a clear coating. Post this, the car is de-masked and polished wherever required. This ensures that the car bodywork is back to its original finish.

Our centralized handling process also enables us to reduce administration costs and save you money.

Car Denting Services:

  • High-quality car body accident repair and restoration
  • Car dents & scratches repair
  • Body panel repairs & replacement
  • Chassis straightening and alignment
  • Bumper repair & replacement
  • Body parts repair & replacement
  • Unscrew and install car parts
  • Glass replacement
  • Door mirrors, moldings, trims, door handles replacement
  • Replacement of headlights and rear lights

Car painting services:

  • Full body paint & repainting
  • Renew car color paint
  • Complete car color change
  • Premium paint repair
  • Paint less dent repair
  • Cosmetic & custom paint
  • Scratch re-fill painting
  • Body parts paint
  • Car wheel painting & repairing
  • Waxing, polishing & clear coat


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