Car Electrical Repair Abu Dhabi is an expert Auto electric well equipped and with the latest technology. We can help all types of car electrical services at affordable rates. Speak To Our Car Electrical Engineers, We Provide Full Car Servicing And Car Electrical Repairs Mussafah Abu Dhabi.

Car Electrical Repair Abu Dhabi

As vehicles get more advanced, a greater reliance and importance is placed on your vehicle’s auto electric systems to support a broad range of on-board devices, essential services and computers. Should a fault develop in your vehicle’s electrics, it can affect anything from your car stereo system to your car anti-lock brakes, car airbags or car power steering.

Fix Plus Car Electrical Repair uses the latest in diagnostic tools and equipment to locate faults in your vehicle’s electrical system so they can be professionally diagnosed and repaired. We have the patience, skills and resources to diagnose troublesome intermittent issues so book in now before it’s too late.

As well as complex diagnostics, our auto electric knowledge enables us to car repair or replace any faulty electrical-based components such as alternators, starter motors, car heater fans, central locking, car power windows etc. We can also upgrade car electrical systems and install other electronic accessories.

  • Diagnosing car electrical problems and car electrical repair abu dhabi
  • Car Electrical and electronic system services
  • Car Electrical and electronic problems repair
  • Batteries check, replacement or repair
  • Starter motor check, replacement or repair
  • Alternator check, replacement or repair
  • Wiring check, replacement or repair

Car Electrical Fault? Are You Looking for Auto Electricians in your area?

The issue with your dashboard, windows, stereo, locks or more? Car Electrical faults are ‘known issues’ in the trade and pretty much all cars will encounter some of these problems. The Fixplus Car Electrical Repair Abu Dhabi network has more than 10+ of  Electricians to diagnose and subsequently repair any electrical faults.

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We can carry out car electrical repair on all makes and models of vehicles at our garages in abu dhabi. Don’t worry your in the hands of the real experts here, we are one of the best in the industry, we offer a fully Equipped Car Electrical Workshop, using the latest technology to diagnose your problem, add to that our years of experience and friendly service, we are the Auto Electrician you can trust!
Fixplus Offering the best service are:


Qualified Electrical Experts

Our car electrical technicians are thorough professionals with many years experience so we get the job done properly and fast.

Anytime Service

We are 7  business days to helping customers when it’s convenient for them – not for us. Call us at any time. Offer Complete Range Of Services. Call Us To Book.

affordable price

Affordable Pricing

Competitive Pricing. Efficient Car Service. Fast, friendly and efficient car electrical repair, with competitive pricing and are quality assured.

Auto Electric Repair Abu Dhabi

Need Fast, Professional Car Electrical Repair At Your Home Or Office?

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